L.G. Headquarters


Client: Frener & Reifer
Architect: HOK 
Role: Facade Designer / Project Manager 
Team: Ryan Cramer, Holger Schulze-Ehring,
Martin Rau (F&R), Phillip Witte (F&R)
Status: Under Construction

Rendering courtesy of HOK

LG’s new company headquarters building. Frener & Reifer have been contracted for the building’s custom curtain walls. Buro Ehring is performing ongoing building physics services, including U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis, for the project’s custom curtain wall systems.

Responsibilities Include:  Created all THERM models for the curtain wall systems.  Ran U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis for the curtain wall.  Created analysis reports based on the analysis results for submittal to the design team and facade consultants.  Provided consulting to F&R to improve their details where thermal bridging or condensation risk was an issue

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  • Exterior Rendering
  • Aerial Rendering
  • Custom Curtain Wall Axonometric
  • THERM Model - Typical Mullion Location
  • THERM Model - Curtain Wall to Skylight Transition
  • THERM Model - Corner Detail Dew Point Isotherm Model
  • THERM Model - Skylight Transition to Roof