AK360 - Albright Knox Museum Expansion


Client: Roschmann Group
Architect: OMA (Design Architect) / Cooper Robertson (Architect of Record)  
Role: Project Manager / Facade Designer / Draftsman
Team: Ryan Cramer, Walter Woodington, Gabriella Sampaio, Mikaela Naval, Tania Lopes, Holger Schulze-Ehring, 
Andrzej Malewski (Roschmann), Jonas Kaiser (Roschmann), Luisa Kubaschinski (Roschmann), Patrice Couret (Roschmann)
Status: Under Construction *estimated Completion 2022

Renderings courtesy of OMA

Renovation and expansion of existing modern art museum by OMA/Shohei Shigematsu and Cooper Robertson. Roschmann Group has been contracted to design and construct the glazed envelope of the building, including the ground floor storefront, main entrance curtain wall and glass floor bridge, the curving glazed bridge connecting the new OMA designed building to the existing 1905 Building, and the signature 'veil' bespoke curtain wall over the new building's sculpture gallery.  Buro Ehring is serving as Roschmann Group's construction designer and engineer for the project, performing design assist, full facade design and engineering, condensation risk analysis, U-Value calculations, 3D modeling, and shop drawing production.

Responsibilities Include: Managed and lead all facade design and detailing efforts, shop drawings, and performance mock-up drawings throughout the design and construction phases for the project.  Drafted all shop drawings for the curving glazed bridge.  3D modeled various complex interfaces for coordination and design approval by the design team.  Performed U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis for all of the various glazing systems. Attended weekly coordination meetings with the design team. Served as primary point of contact between Buro Ehring and Roschmann Group team and Buro Ehring and the design team.