The Projector Hotel


Comprehensive Design Studio Fall 2014
Duration: 16 Weeks
Collaborators: Patrick Brophy
Critics: Martin Stigsgaard

For the hotel, we were inspired by the impact the Tribeca Film Festival has on the neighborhood of Tribeca and its adjacent areas.  Every year millions come to the city for the festival and are displaced in hotels throughout Manhattan. The idea was to dedicate the hotel to the festival, as a hotel and events space for film and production enthusiasts staying in the Tribeca area. 

In early concepts, we were interested in the idea of the motion picture, and wanted to translate the visual experienceof a moving still image into an architectural experience. While circulating the interior, the facade was to be segmented to simulate a moving still image of the surrounding city skyline. This concept was translated into one of the main design features, the undulating louvers. The louvers were designed to respond to the positions of the sun during different seasons to optimize daylight and reduce glare. The other main feature, the “hat truss” became the structural concept for the hotel, in order to achieve a vast, open outdoor public space on the 3rd floor to be used for different film events throughout the year. The “hat truss” supports columns and beams that act in tension, suspended by the truss and tied back to the core. The hat truss is fixed to the core as well, a massive concrete core housing the elevators, egress stairs, and back of house spaces. The core is built into the ground, and supported laterally by the traditional reinforced concrete construction of the 2 bottom floors and outdoor plaza.

The hotel features 55 private guest rooms, a restaurant and full kitchen, public outdoor plaza, 3 outdoor roof terraces, 5 private balconies, and a rooftop bar/lounge on a slender, 6,000 sf lot bordered by West Broadway, 6th Avenue, and Canal Street. The building provides a hotel and events space for film enthusiasts and Tribeca visitors alike, and pays homage to the cultural influence of film and cinema on the neighborhood.

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  • Exterior Rendering - West Broadway
  • Early Concept Sketch
  • Exterior Aerial Rendering - 6th Avenue
  • Roof Terrace Rendering
  • Program Diagram
  • Site Plan
  • Cellar & Ground Floor Plan
  • 2nd & 3rd Floor Plans
  • 4th Floor Finish & 5th Floor Furniture Plans
  • Typical Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • 3rd Floor Plaza Landscape Plan
  • West Broadway Elevation
  • Canal Street Elevation
  • 6th Avenue Elevation
  • South Elevation
  • West Broadway Section
  • 6th Avenue Section
  • Curtain Wall Section and Elevation
  • Curtain Wall Details
  • Final Model
  • Final Model
  • Final Model
  • Final Model