Warped Grid

Design Studio Fall 2013
Duration: 3 Weeks
Collaborators: Individual
Critics: Antonio Furgiuele

The very first exercise of our first semester, the assignment challenged us to design a 24” x 24” surface of our choice; we
only had to consider the possibility of this thing as a unit, and aggregating to become a larger surface.

I chose to explore the standard grid. Laid out at 24” x 24”, the grid is extremely two-dimensional and orthogonal. However,
when the grid becomes warped, it inherits more three-dimensional and dynamic properties. My surface study was a play
on this idea, to create a warped grid three-dimensional surface that blurs the line between 2D and 3D.

The design process looked at various iterations of the grid warped, each of which would yield different three-dimensional
qualities. After choosing one iteration, it was modeled to have one flat, two-dimensional side; the other side features each
unit extruded to a height proportional to the unit’s length. Each iteration would yield a different three-dimensional result,
and the aggregation possibilities are endless.  The final 3D model was 3D printed at 1/4 scale, and exhibits the possibilities
of this unit and explores its applications in physical space.

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