Campus Housing & Master Plan


Design Studio Spring 2015
Duration: 10 Weeks
Collaborators: Yiwei He & Milton Naula
Critics: Julio Salcedo

Our design for a college satelitte campus on the waterfront of Greenpoint, Brooklyn aims to reconnect the existing site back
to the rest of the rapidly growing Greenpoint area and provide a public hub where students and the community can thrive in
unison. The site currently features abandoned warehouses and used car lots. Our intervention features a series of
programmatic “loops” that tie back to the rest of Greenpoint, and around which academic and public spaces are organized.
These loops define the circulation pathways and blocks of the master plan. The landscaping and contouring of the loops is
also designed to help protect against future flooding and sea level rise.

The design of the housing unit further investigates the concepts of community and connection inherent in the master plan.
Early aggregation studies were done using 5 different unit types; studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom, and
four bedroom. They were aggregated in a way as to create communal zones between units where inhabitants can gather
and interract. This aggregation pattern is utilized on each floor of the housing unit. The units themselves are mainly duplex
units and span the entire floor plate to maximize cross ventilation and views. The overall form is derived from one of the
Master Plan’s housing blocks, and chamfered based on site conditions. The terracing of the massing established public
communal roof terraces on each level and maximizes sun exposure and natural light to all of the units. The terraces can be
used for additional outdoor public program such as communal gardens, athletic courts, etc.

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